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Release Date : 2024

Brothers John and Tom Galgano introduced themselves to Caerllysi Music and the prog world just before the millennium and their exciting musical journey shows no sign of letting up as studio album releases hits double figures.

Their music can best be described as elite grade clever prog up there with bands like YES and Gentle Giant two outfits that immediately spring to mind, as ever the lyrics are so important and relative to the world today on both a personal and universal level. Top marks from us at CM!

1. We Are the 3rd (8:31) 2. So Many Voices (1:38) 3. Brace for Impact (4:30) 4. Deep Inside (4:24) 5. Collapse the Wave (7:01) 6. Sometimes Sublime (6:19) 7. There's Hope! (5:02) 8. Brethren (1:01) 9. Not About Me (5:11) 10. Soak Up the Sunlight (5:39) 11. And We Will Go (3:46)