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Release Date : 2024

Leslie Mandoki presents a production masterpiece recorded and produced in analog form totally, it is a manifesto of precision and passion which can be felt in every note, a work of immense musical diversity that ranges from prog to jazz rock.

The cross generation supergroup of rock and fusion grandmasters ie. Ian Anderson, Bill Evans, Simon Phillips and John Helliwell to name just a few achieve 5 star unique fusion of audiophile excellence.

1. Blood in the Water 2. Enigma of Reason 3. The Wanderer 4. The Big Quit 5. Devil's Encyclopedia 6. A Memory of My Future 7. I Am Because You Are 8. My Share of Your Life 9. Age of Thought 10. Matchbox Racing (Digital Version) 11. We Stay Loud (Digital Version) 12. Melting Pot