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Release Date : 2023

The creation of one Daniele Giovannoni an exceptionally talented musician and composer, the Italian love of prog rock both old and new shines through with the outfit's unique sound, full of glorious melodic rock with a highly polished sheen and pure emotion at it's core.

The icing on the cake here is the sublime vocals of Valerio Sgargi complimenting magnificent musicianship and song writing - Prime Prog Folks!

1. Black Hole Era (7:43) 2. Nashira (orchestra version) (9:11) 3. Take Me Home (orchestra version) (8:31) 4. Tell Me (6:07) 5. Room 101 (orchestra version) (8:40) 6. I Will Come in Your Dreams (5:27) 7. Your Name (orchestra version) (8:21) 8. Zealous Man (orchestra version) (11:55) 9. Strings from the Edge of Sound (1:57)