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Release Date : 2023

Dominic came to our attention back in 2020 with his EP 'Discarded Memories' which gained lots of praise when it featured on the sampler of Prog Magazine.

At long last we have to announce with a great fanfare his first full opus, it strikes a heady balance between traditional symphonic prog epitomised by heavy use of mellotron, hammond organ, flute and baritone saxophone with modern prediction tech anchored firmly in the 21st century - this is a bit special - you have been warned!

1. I Don't Think I Can Get Over This After All 0(3:44) 2. The Twisted Hand of Fate 0(5:08) 3. This Night and the Wounds it Will Bring (4:42) 4. Is There Calm Amongst This Chaos? (6:11) 5. An Empty Room (3:14) 6. A False Sense of Promise (4:51) 7. Like Shards of Glass Falling Through My Fingers (19:51)