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Release Date : 2023

Thorne is now one of progs leading composers, his direct honest and almost poetic delivery elevates him to a prog scholar, the musicianship as always is beyond reproach and only his very private persona has prevented him from being a household name in our genre.

We at Caerllysi Music and White Knight Records don't hold back in singing his praises to one and all.

1. Rubble and Dust (4:11) 2. Malice in Plunderland (4:26) 3. Tall and Strong (4:16) 4. Catherine Wheel (4:46) 5. Cup of Truth (3:51) 6. Who or Where You Are (7:01) 7. These Clowns (3:44) 8. Good Times to Come (3:53) 9. To Mock a Killingbird (0:45) 10. Downstream (5:33)