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Release Date : 2023

Very few cab match the rich prog pedigree of Andy Edwards and John Jewitt - IQ, Frost, Jadis, Arena amongst others, what a calling card to us prog lovers!

As expected the music is intriguing and unconventional takin prog to another level with an easy ear style that takes the listener on a joyous experience with melodic crossover elements galore, a sure fire winner!

1. Gena├║ (1:40) 2. Hypnosis (5:42) 3. Something New (3:23) 4. Radio Silence (5:24) 5. Solid State (8:09) 6. Bring It Back (8:17) 7. Never Ending Circle (6:51) 8. Winter Sun (1:49) 9. Fear in the Night (8:30)