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Release Date : 2023

We at White Knight Records are so proud to announce that Pendragons Peter Gee has once again given us world wide distributor's rights to this latest masterpiece 'Pilgrim', it follows the epic 'The Bible' as Peter treats us to his own moving in-depth interpretation of the classic book 'The Pilgrims Progress' a story first told way back in 1678 but as relevant today as then.

The digipak presentation is worth the purchase price alone.

The stunning array of prog and many other musical styles are complimented by uplifting vocal deliveries by various artists including our own Steve Thorne. Fabulous is all I can add - Will WKR.

1. Pilgrim's Burden 2. The City of Destruction 3. Slough of Despond 4. The Wicket Gate 5. The Interpreter's House 6. Pilgrim Lays Down His Burden at the Cross 7. False Believers 8. A Restful Arbour 9. The House Beautiful 10. The Destroyer 11. Valley of the Shadow of Death 12. Faithful 13. Vanity Fair 14. The Plain of Ease 15. Doubting Castle 16. The Delectable Mountains 17. Low Country of Pride 18. Enchanted Ground 19. The River of Death 20. The Celestial City