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Release Date : 2022

Celtic prog rock inspired by the sea. soil, sky and Tolkiens mythical places.

Dave Brons may not be a name you are familiar with yet but trust us here at Caerllysi Music it's a name you will all know in 2023 and beyond.

Brons guitar playing has been likened to the legendary Steve Vai and this musical edge adds a new dimension to a classy album that is full of hummable tunes, don't forget Caerllysi Music told you first.

1. The Primordial Chord (1:04) 2. Song of the Sea (5:19) 3. When Snow Thaws (5:57) 4. Beyond Where the Waves Break (6:00) 5. Song of the Earth (5:00) 6. The Call of the Mountain (5:39) 7. Beren and Luthien (4:43) 8. Joy Beyond the Walls of This World (3:48) 9. Into the Woods of Lothlorien (2:49) 10. The Tears of Nienna (5:00) 11. On Eagle's Wings (5:20) 12. Yavanna's Song (1:39) 13. Beauty and Starlight (4:21) 14. Gathering in the Clouds (5:22) 15. Last Journey Across the Sea (2:38)