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Release Date : 2002/2022

What a festive treat for IZZ fans which includes us here at Caerllysi Music, remastered 20th anniversary offering with a 70 minute bonus disc which includes new, unreleased, live and re-mixed tracks.

We have championed the band from the very beginning and good music always wins - please check these guys out!

Disc 1:  1. Spinnin' Round 2. I Move 05:24 3. Weak Little Lad 4. I Already Know 5. I Wanna Win 6. All The New 7. Star Evil Gnoma Su 8. Another Door 9. Something True 10. Believe 11. Knight of Nights 12. The Mists of Dalriada 13. Oh, How it's Great! 14. Coming Like Light 15. Light From Your Eyes

Disc 2:  16. I Move (Live) 17. From Here I Can See the Horizon (Alternate Version) 18. Weak Little Lad (2022 Acoustic Version) 19. I Already Know (2022 Acoustic Version) 20. I Wanna Win (2022 Acoustic Version) 21. Piano Themes (2022) 22. Confusion Jam (Live) 23. Spinnin' Round (Live in Studio) 24. SEGS (OG Intro) 25. Star Evil Gnoma Su* (Live at NEARfest Early Mix) 26. Another Door? 27. With the World Away (Previously Unreleased) 28. Lifecycle (Alternate Mix) 29. I'll Never Finish Loving You (Previously Unreleased) 30. Oh How it's Great (Alternate Mix) 31. Coming Like Light (Live) 32. What are we Playing? 33. Oh, that one / Mists of Dalriada (Live)