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Release Date : 2022 

Tee shirt draw winner is Andrew Chipper From Maidenhead.

Wow! The epic trilogy reaches it's finale with 'At The Gate' the conclusion of the gripping sword and sorcery tale of our desperate protagonist who's lost his love and his memory.

GH's metal edge is at it's very sharpest complimented by the bands symphonic excellence, Steve, Fred & Co. are triumphant!!!

1. The Years Roll By (7:37) 2. Savage (6:25) 3. North Of North (4:28) 4. All Alone (6:03) 5. All For Love (6:55) 6. Snowblind Girl (7:42) 7. Standing At The Gate (5:02) 8. In The Shadows (3:41) 9. It's Love (13:29)