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Release Date : 2022

Inside Out records have pushed the boat out promoting this new release - at the musical heart of 'Six By Six' legendary Saga axeman Ian Crichton and vocalist / multi-instrumentalist Rob Barry who's solo work and involvement Emmerson and Palmer are his calling card.

The prog influences of these two major players is given a hearty and edgy element via Saxon drummer Nige Glockler.

Great writing and production, tonnes of melody, solo's galore plus Berry's delicious vocals tick all the boxes for an enjoyable music ride.

1. Yearning to Fly (4:44) 2. China (3:16) 3. Reason to Feel Calm Again (8:05) 4. The Upside of Down (4:45) 5. Casino (4:19) 6. Live Forever (1:43) 7. The Last Words on Earth (4:37) 8. Skyfall (4:16) 9. Battle of a Lifetime (5:21) 10. Save the Night (6:17)