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Release Date : 2022

It's been a decade since 'Time and Space' and once again Adam Sears has provided us ProgHeads with a classic. It's another who's who of prog which would mean little to us the listener if the music was not A+ there's plenty here for all music lovers, 66m minutes of delicious prog that has melody running through it's veins continually. Love It!

1. Conduit (7:00) 2. Nothing Wrong (6:17) 3. In the Night I (0:55) 4. Life-Line (5:55) 5. You Have It All (14:25) 6. In the Night II (1:14) 7. Beautiful Light (5:46) 8. Our Test Tube Universe (7:33) 9. Flowing Through the Change (17:24) : - i. Futureflow - ii. In the Night III - iii. Dreamflow - iv. A New Beginning - v. Dreams Are Coming True