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Release Date : 2022

April is finishing with a big bang for music that will really uplift our damaged human spirit, at Caerllysi Music we loved the bands 'The Watcher' opus and gave the album lots of praise on it's release and we are also pleased everyone else later said similar to our comments, this is rock with a nice sprinkle of prog from Stuckey, Fisher and Co. so much to enjoy here on just one CD it should not be possible - love it!

1. THIEF IN THE NIGHT (6:42) 2. GameChanger (5:34) 3. Days Of Innocence (7:53) 4. Age of Renewal (7:12) 5. Painted Smile (8:03) 6. Yearn (7:52) 7. Nevermore (5:34) 8. Different Ways (8:12)