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Release Date : 2022

Thomas Thielen (Scythe) is one of the many multitalented musicians making a career very successfully as a solo artist, he seems to have found his home with the great GEP label and album number eight shows to the max his multitude of talents with a sound likened by some to a modern day Marillion and he creates a proper band sound all on his own. Check him out folks!

1. The Same Old Everything (13:34) 2. The Light at the End of the Light (8:51) 3. How Not to Speak (2:21) 4. The Idiot's Prayer (5:30) 5. The Scars of the Sky (10:02) 6. Behind This Pale Face (9:46) 7. A Relevant Lovesong (10:53) 8. Tell the Neighbours We're Fine (10:30)