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Release Date : 2022

The Canadian composer and multi-instrumentalist has been producing atmospheric prog rock inspired by the likes of Pink Floyd, Steve Hackett and The Moody Blues for over two decades now, these albums for most of that time have been like gold dust to acquire, now thanks to our dear friend Oliver Wenzler at PPR Germany this music can at last be enjoyed world wide, which is great news.

1. Time's Way (8:36) 2. Guinevere (3:07) 3. Haunt Me (4:41) 4. Virgin Rebirth (3:50) 5. The Red Sky (4:29) 6. Ixtlan Awaits (5:57) 7. A Stitch in Time (4:00) 8. Lost Karma (2:53) 9. Don Quixote (12:21) 10. Time's Way (reprise) (2:06)