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Release Date : 2022

One of progs most respected and successful artists returns with the concluding music to Ringmaster, as ever quality not only musically is one of Reed's many strengths and here the three disc offering includes bonus tracks as well as a DVD. The beautiful voice of Angaharad Brinn provides vocals - Reed is a true master of music!

CD1 1. Song of Healing Light 2. Swan Feathered Girl 3. The Hat 4. The Talking Ducks 5. Sendlinger's Song 6. Arthur 7. Forever 8. Dancing Master 9. Landmarks 10. In Sight of Home 11. The Last Guardians of Everywhere 12. Song of Waiting Dreams

CD2 Bonus Tracks 1. Swan Feathered Girl (Remix) 2. The Ringmaster (Orchestral) 3. Nairn's Jig The Ringmaster Part Two: 4. Tom Newman Mix (Tracks 1-5) 5. Tom Newman Mix (Tracks 6-12)

DVD: - The complete album mixed in DTS and Dolby digital 5.1 surround - Simon Phillips drum session video - Promo videos