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Release Date : 2021

Wales is rich in progressive rock bands in recent years 'The Reasoning', 'Panic room' and Karnataka are just three names you will all be familiar with and fresh from the highly acclaimed 'The Science Of Goodbye' two of the finest from those bands Rachel Cohen and Jonathan Edwards have shaken the prog rock tree with this magnificently broody collection of exceptional tracks - an experience not to be missed!

1. Love's Lost Property (8:41) 2. Dark Before Dawn (4:49) 3. Requiem (3:52) 4. Last Day on Earth (4:49) 5. Wish I Wished You Well (4:26) 6. The Circus (3:57) 7. Ordinary World (6:23) 8. Eye for an Eye (5:57) 9. Love's Lost Property (reprise) (1:57)