• Description

Release Date : 2021

It's 25 years since Hasse came to our attention on the Flower Kings legendary Retropolis, in just over a decade now he has entertained us using HFMC to bring us four albums highlighting his musical skills outside of the Flower Kings. He champions the new album as his most adventurous musically to date as positive, warm, organic and thoughtful and very much an album of to-day. Two excellent video tracks have been aired that back his comments 100%.

1. To Those Who Rule the World (7:29) 2. Other Eyes (12:55) 3. Rise Up (4:47) 4. The Constant Search for Bravery (8:59) 5. Yoko (6:36) 6. We Are the Truth (6:45) 7. Shaken and Stirred (7:13) 8. Every Second Counts (3:55) 9. A Spiritual Change (10:53)