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CM are so proud to bring you the final chapter of the Magical AKP Trilogy - Chameleon Shapeshifter.

The music maestro has used the lengthy periods of isolation to create some of the most exciting and uplifting progressive symphonic art rock of recent times...... 

Marshmallow Moondust and Stella Gardener have been heralded by Kalugin's peers as groundbreaking musical statements and website reviews have been overwhelming. Antony played all instruments himself on both and whenever unable to use live he excelled with his software and production skills to enrich.

After completing the demo recordings which thankfully coincided with the first proper ray of light in the battle to retain our freedom and as a celebration Antony wanted to champion this by bringing on board his own musicians to make the album totally LIVE so drums, saxophone and flute along with additional guitar and bass make this totally MAGNIFICENT in its whole. Musically all genres are touched and crafted beautifully by Kalugin and the symphonic cinematic soundtrack and landscapes awash with gorgeous melodies make this a delicious listening experience and ensure this music trilogy will remain forever in the listeners memory. Happy Days

Will - Caerllysi Music


01. Chameleon (19:40)

02. Shapeshifter (6:06)

03. Exceptional Chamel Ballard (7:48)

04. House on the Hill (4:04)

05. Wonderous Glory (4:50)

06. Key (4:16)