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Release Date : 2021

Caerllysi Music favourites led by the elite Swiss composer/instrumentalist/vocalist Jean-Pierre Schenk are back with some thing very special even by their own high standards, neo melodic prog with an edge is very much the order of the day. Olivier Guenat's guitar playing compliments and dovetails beautifully with JP's vocals and keys. Superior stuff!

1. Dark World (7:37) 2. I'm Not a Hero (6:15) 3. Little Stars Desintegrate (7:24) 4. When Life Starts Again (3:39) 5. More Is Less (6:42) 6. I Will Leave Tonight (6:43) 7. Leftovers (7:00) 8. So Now What (4:15) 9. So Hard's the Road (6:52)