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Release Date : 2021

Recent times have headed the recent rebirth of several prog acts from earlier decades, step forward UK based Castanarc who brought out albums in the heady 80's which have easily stood the test of time. Holiday and Spence at the forefront know how to tick all the right boxes when producing an album that is just bloody marvellous, sure to be a big hit - top notch prog.

1. A Song Rings Out (4:54) 2. Lost Tears (4:55) 3. Full Circle (4:53) 4. The Ascent of Man (4:41) 5. In This World (4:48) 6. Walking with Angels (4:14) 7. Out of Time (3:34) 8. The Waking of the Earth (4:47) 9. Light the Fire (4:58) 10. The Sea of Broken Vows (3:00) 11. For the Want of a Nail (5:58)