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Release Date : 2021

Laura Is Much More Than The Frontwoman For American Progsters Izz As Her Debut Offering Remedium From 2018 Made Us Aware Of Her Wider Talents, Four Years On And We Are Treated To A Conceptual Story That Refuses To Be Silenced, Once Again Here She Is Joined By Partner And Izz Pioneer John Galgano, She Likens The Album To Art Rock With Heady Play On Lyrics And Melodies. It's A Very Brave Musical Statement

1. On the Shores of the Seine (0:30) 2. Leaving (3:30) 3. Burned at the Stake (2:47) 4. Iconoclast (5:12) 5. End of the Road in Hollywood (3:11) 6. Doesn't Change a Thing (4:34) 7. The Most Dangerous Woman in America (8:16) 8. The Shape of Shock (4:01) 9. Forgive Me (5:41) 10. Tell Me, Love (2:01)