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Release Date : 2021

Everything Rob Reed releases on the excellent Tiger Moth label is of the highest musical pedigree, Tom Newman is a name all us prog fans should be familiar with, he was at the heart of Virgin Records in the amazing Oldfield days co-producing Tubular Bells being the highlight, also he worked close with the likes of Gong and Henry Cow. This is the long awaited follow-up to the 1977 opus which Steve Wilson lists as one his top 10 concept albums of all time which you may have missed, with Rob Reed guesting on Symphony II he allows us into his own private world of music, also he has released an EP Dance Of The Stems which we have a limited quantity of signed copies, Thank You Tom!

1. Strong Ladies Promenade (4:26) 2. Come in, dont be scared (3:24) 3. The Orchid Peoples Dilemm (5:36) 4. The Rebellion (7:22) 5. A return to ... ? (2:14) 6. Theena Shee 2021 (5:31) 7. Hard Dance Pt.l (1:33) 8. Faerie Waltz (4:10) 9. Reed Vikings (2:57) 10. Fitina (4:51) 11. Sad goodbyes (1:48) 12. The Lordly Ones (2:10)