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Release Date : 2021

Welcome back to Texel and in particular Neil Gowland (guitar) and Steffen Staugaard (keyboards), the debut album 'Zooming Into Focus' was highly praised, a simple description would be 'Focus' but that would be unfair as it also has touches of 'Weather Report', 'Manashurian Orchestra' and Zappa, the guest appearance of our very own 'Pete Jones' is very Genesis so there is something here for every prog lover. Excellent Stuff!

1. Ludo Mentis(5:29) 2. Metropolitan(5:54) 3. Syncopia(6:26) 4. Sweynsson's Slumber(4:16) 5. Voluspa(6:24) 6. Polka Magyar Akta Músicâ(5:22) 7. Metamorphoses(6:32) 8. Tuileries(5:05) 9. Flute In Rhapsody(5:41) 10. Texel(4:50)