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Release Date : 2020

Another band that has benefitted big time from joining the PPR label, a band we at Caerllysi Music have championed from it's birth with One in Every Crowd some 15 years ago, album number 5 has all the bombastic trademarks we have come to treasure and they are destined to elevate themselves to a higher plain with this very strong concept offering which will touch a few nerves with most of us. Cracking Stuff!

1. Behind the Veil (Ghosts Part 2) 2. The Hidden Muse (Ghosts Part 3) 3. The Choice (Ghosts Part 4): I. Strange Battlefield II. A Light Appeared III. Ghost's Creepy Voice IV. The Fight V. No Compromise VI. The Silent Shroud 4. Moons Ago (Ghosts Part 5) 5. Nowhere Highway (Ghosts Part 6)