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Release Date : 2020

LIMITED EDITION with TWO full colour posters.

Whilst all of our lives had been thrown into the darkness and the in word was “lockdown” the accomplished Antony Kaulgin was busy as usual creating new music, but now on his own, isolated like the rest of mankind, creating a music opus that without fear of overstatement redefines the genre progressive rock....

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1. Marshmallow (20:20)
2. Moondust  (20:20)

I have been fortunate enough to work closely with Antony on every release since Continium in 2005, he has been on one hell of a hot streak musically and has always threatened to create a musical monster like this.

At just over 40 minutes the two suites dovetail beautifully on this instrumental masterpiece, there are no words, the story is totally in the music.

Following it’s creation from the very first demo recording I have become totally hooked on it and now may need to seek professional help to allow me to move on musically from it ;)

As stated it truly redefines the term progressive rock, I fully understand how silly that comment may sound but I promise that having listened, performed and written our music genre from it’s 1960s birth that this is up there with the very best albums I can recall.

So come on out of the darkness of 2020 dear friends and into the light once again, your ears will not believe what they hear.


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