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Release Date : 2020

For some 25 years Marc has been at the centre of the prog universe, his reputation as a live gigging musician is super impressive, his voice is unmistakeable so rich and warm as well as the three mentioned above he has enriched the music of Lee Abraham, Drifting Sun and Nine Stones Close to name just a few. Here you can hear why he is so respected and loved, a top composer and voice, Marc take a bow!

Disc One BLACK: Original songs :- 1. A Part Of Me 2. Until We Meet Again 3. Brave The Storm 4. The Change 5. No More Days In The Sun 6. You Don’t Know I Know 7. True Love 8. The Book 9. Safe & Sound 10. Over And Over Again 11. To Show How Much I Love You 12. Pink Things 13. Lifeline

Disc Two WHITE: Cover Versions :- 1. One Day Like This 2. Somebody To Love 3. Wish You Were Here 4. Memories 5. These Are The Days Of Our Lives 6. Sledgehammer 7. The Power Of Love 8. We All Need Some Light 9. Fall At Your Feet 10. Here Comes The Flood 11. Many Of Horror 12. When I Meet God 13. Somewhere Over The Rainbow