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Release Date : 2005

1. The untold want (14:05)  I) Children's playground II) Be still! Mum's the word III) Grow up! For heaven's sake IV) Mystery spot V) The untold want VI) Seen from a train VII) Die Maienfelder Furrga VIII) A coign of true felicity IX) I don't mind if I do X) Too far! Too late! Already bolder proggers were at the gate! XI) Children's playsong XII) Stumped    2. Doo dah damage (7:17)   3. Wet sounds (5:05)   4. Ford theatre (11:02)   5. No one will ever know (Fare thee well) (6:05)   6. The chief (5:50)   7. Radio reminiscence (4:44)   8. Children's playground revisited (0:36)   Total : 54:44