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Release Date : 2022

Vincenzo Ricca's multi national symphonic project rolls back into town as big and bold as ever, Vincenzo and the Hackett brothers plus Levin, Jackson, Magnus are once again joined by more top A lister progsters. In the last decade Vincenzo has managed to put his 'observatory of prog' firmly in the shop window despite no live performances and remaining label independent which is quite some achievement. Apologies for the Brexit hammered price - we at Caerllysi Music are doing our very best for you good music folk.

1. Compendium of a Lifetime (13:44) 2. Vesuvius / The Last Night in the World (7:53) 3. Have Caesar! / Morituri te Salutant / Gladiators / Have Caesar! (reprise) (17:30) 4. Exegi Monvmentum (bonus track) (8:22)