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Release Date : 2021

The core of Isobar hail from Bay Area USA and have been thrilling us for many years as the excellent Metaphor, add legendary drum master Mattias Olsson, and a sprinkle of classy guests and you have eclectic instrumental prog heaven. Following quickly from the successful début CD - Opus II should appeal to prog lovers of all styles alike with beautiful retro sounds that are musically very much of today.

1. Short Story Long (9:27) 2. Obstination (4:27) 3. Social Meteor (5:55) 4. Eigengrau (4:46) 5. Zed the Exhaler (6:01) 6. The Suppressor of the Archives (7:43) 7. The Impaler of Distortions (3:12) 8. The Impersonator of Sorrows (3:56) 9. The Image Motivator (0:51) 10. The Squire of Reason (4:13) 11. Flannel (7:22)