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Release Date : 2020

01. Erthynge 02. The Hawk And The Harbinger Of Dawn 03. Stoneborn Watchers 04. The Man Of Sight And Feathers 05. Witness 06. Stoneglow Warnings 07. Stalemate 08. Dust And Flowers ln A Lost Eden 09. Gatherings At Farewell Places 10. Erthsheelde: i.Exodus / ii. The Odyssey Of Souls/ iii. Erthynge

Plus DVD : DTS and Dolby 5.1 Surround Mix of the whole album, interview and piano performance

Plus Bonus CD A Symphonic Poem : 1. Cursus A Symphonic Poem 2. Stoneglow Warnings Sanctuary Remix 3. Man Of Sight And Feathers Single Remix 4. Stalemate Single Remix 5. Witness Piano Demo 6. Man of Sight and Feathers Piano Demo