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Release Date : 2020

No one does power prog better than Deep Purple and with Ian Gillan still trucking along at the centre Whoosh! sees a return to the heady song-writing days of early 70's with instrumentation complimented by Ian's glorious vocals. Welcome back DP still one hell of a force!

You can buy the CD without DVD HERE

CD:   1. Throw My Bones (3:39) 2. Drop the Weapon (4:24) 3. We're All the Same in the Dark (3:44) 4. Nothing at All (4:43) 5. No Need to Shout (3:31) 6. Step by Step (3:35) 7. What the What (3:33) 8. The Long Way Round (5:40) 9. The Power of the Moon (4:09) 10. Remission Possible (1:39) 11. Man Alive (5:36) 12. And the Address (3:36) Bonus Track: 13. Dancing in My Sleep (3:52)

DVD:   Roger Glover and Bob Ezrin In Conversation and Deep Purple Live At Hellfest 2017