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Release Date : 2020

Nick is a prog legend and his CV includes being at the heart of some of the great prog outfits of the last 25 years, Spock's Beard, and Big Big Train being the most prominent ones. The fact this is only his second solo album in all those years shows he just doesn't release music for the sake of it. This is musically a very accessible album and the 'Invisible' concept will strike a chord in the virus life of 2020 something Nick would not have been aware of when making the album. Well done Nick, Enjoy People!

1. Prelude 2. Invisible 3. Turn Your Life Around 4. I'm Gone 5. Money (That's What I Want) 6. Waiting For No One 7. Snake Oil Salesman 8. Where's The Passion 9. Mercy 10. Overcome 11. In My Bones 12. Wrong Place Wrong Time 13. Not My Time To Say Goodbye 14. I Know The Way