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Release Date : 2020

Six years in the making, after some 40 years this album number 7 is the bands first concept release which in itself tells you something of where Abel Ganz are going musically, their 2014 opus proved the guys were still progressing musically and Honeybee sees the band still travel along that musical road, a personal statement delivered with the exceptional talents that they possess. Great story telling with timeless playing and vocals, Sublime!

01. The Life of the Honey Bee and Other Moments of Clarity (12:39) 02. One Small Soul (5:54) 03. Arran Shores (2:42) 04. Summerlong (5:21) 05. Sepia and White (13:32) 06. The Light Shines Out (6:19) 07. One Small Soul RADIO EDIT (3:57)