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Release Date : 2014

01. Through the Gates of the Universe (11:47)  02. Biometry (5:17)  03. Opus 16 (4:34)  04. Castles of Birmingham (3:17)  05. Unmeasured Spaces (7:35)  06. Countdown (2:38)  07. Epiphany (8:06)  08. Comeback to Life (8:16)  09.feat. Jason Offen (the Gourishankar )  – Starless (King Crimson cover)  live (12:10)

The initial “Ichthyander” lineup formed in April 1994 in Kirovograd, Ukraine.

The already existing trio (Dmitry Dorosh on guitar, Nikolai Dorosh on cello and percussion, Anatoliy Antonenko on keyboards) was joined by drummer Viktor Sirotin and bassist Oleg Vorona. It was decided, that the quintet should bear the name, translated as “Ichthyander Dad’s Only Dolphin”.

The name was a result of verbal improvisations, the band members were constantly coming up with.

The band’s debut concert took place on June 25, 1994, in one of the city’s clubs. In summer of the same year a demo record was made.

That record reached a German musical critic, Detlef Dengler.

He wrote a highly appreciative review of the band’s effort in the German journal “Heavy, Oder Was!?” in January 1995. “Ichthyander” experimented with sound, using such instruments as violin, flute, cello, and saxophone. Cooperation proposals started coming in from Germany, but, unfortunately, due to life circumstances of the musicians, the band had to terminate its existence in its initial state.

During the few years that followed, the lineup changed regularly. The band’s style incorporated art-rock and jazz-rock elements, folk and even avant-garde music, which was not surprising, as the key influences included King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa and Mahavishnu Orchestra.

After five years of musical pursuits, the band split up completely.

Life made the band members look for income in other fields. 15 years later, it was decided to recreate the band, based on the initial lineup. New arrangements of the old material were written, and totally new compositions were added to the repertoire. The reunion concert took place in the band’s native city of Kirovograd. Currently, the band is based in Kiev, Ukraine.

The present lineup is as follows: Dmitry Dorosh – guitar, Olena Yeremenko – violin, Viktor Sirotin – drums, Oleg Vorona – bass, Sergei Kadenko – keyboards This disc is the record of the band's reunion concert which took place in December 2014