Kinetic Element - Travelog. CD 

WOW - Kinetic Element's second album and a treat for heavy keyboard prog lovers, quality mix by the Glass Hammer guys.

£9.95 + P&P




North Star - Transcendence. CD 

First album after a decade and sadly may be the last.

£9.95 + P&P




3RDegree - Ones & Zeros: Vol. 1. CD

One of the most highly rated concept opus of 2015 - Check this out!.

£8.99 + P&P




Songs Of The Exile - Chosen. CD

Dutch Power Metal Progheads, championed by the great Musea label.

£9.99 + P&P




Abigail's Ghost - Black Plastic Sun. CD 

Great mix of high energy prog, strong keys and piano with smooth atmos' and unexpected and intriguing compositions.

£9.95 + P&P




Leap Day - From The Days Of Deucalion, Chapter 2. CD

Fourth opus from the Dutch outfit, tight melodies tastefully executed instrumental passages - Lovely!

£10.25 + P&P




Ossicles - Music For Wastelands. CD

From Norway, highly acclaimed by Steven Wilson, influenced by many genres including jazz and different types of rock music they are a young band with constantly evolving styles. 

£10.45 + P&P




Mystery - Delusion Rain. CD 

Fresh back from their ultra successful recent tour Mystery rock like only Mystery can - enjoy folks!

£9.95 + P&P




Elleven - Transfiction. CD

Debut album from the highly rated PPR label in Germany, great mix of pop, retro with prog instrumental parts.

£9.85 + P&P




Comedy of Errors - Spirit. CD

Quickly establishing themselves as one of the UKs heavyweight prog outfits eagerly awaited third opus.

£9.49 + P&P




Colin Bass (Camel) - At Wild End. CD

Big Caerllysi Favourite, the Camel mans albums are always a major event and with Andy Latimer on guitars and keyboards this is one to really enjoy!

£9.95 + P&P




RPWL - Plays Pink Floyd. CD

The German prog stars now world famous for their floydian prowess bring you over 70 minutes of Pink Floyd Classics.

£11.99 + P&P




Galahad - 30. EPCD

As part of their ongoing 30th anniversary celebrations, here's a limited edition (500 copies) 'taster' EP simply called '30' containing four newly recorded versions of 'older' songs.

£5.99 + P&P




Galahad - Sleepers. CD OSKAR release

Re-Release with bonus tracks.

£9.95 + P&P




Thieves' Kitchen - The Clockwork Universe. CD

As unconventional as always, Amy, Phil and Thomas latest is musically intelligent, dynamic and substantial - Welcome Back T.K.

£9.75 + P&P




Parzivals Eye - Defragments. CD

Chris Postl (RPWL) with Christina Booth (Magenta) Ian Bairnson (Alan Parsons) and others together create classy rock/prog for fans of RPWL, King Crimson and Sylvan.

£10.75 + P&P




Hands - Caviar Bobsled. CD

Five years in the making the Texas band bring us their own multi-style multi-instrument prog with jazzy to classical influences but always deeply rooted in classic prog.

£9.75 + P&P




Perfect Beings - II. CD

One of the most talked about new prog bands - find out why!

£10.25 + P&P




Nightwish - Endless Forms Most Beautiful. Limited Edition 2xCD DigiBook

Triumphant return of the Symphonic metal legends featuring new vocalist Floor Jansen.

£11.45 + P&P




Glass Hammer - Double Live. Deluxe Edition 2xCD+DVD

Our great friends from across the Atlantic provide a 90 minute musical feast - 2 CDs and a DVD WOW!

£14.75 + P&P




Magenta - The Singles Complete. 2xCD

Superb two CD 24 track collection, lots of new mixes, alternatives and extended versions plus two magnificent YES and ELP covers - two hours of top prog!

£10.00 + P&P




t - fragmentropy. CD

Thomas Thielen (Scythe), one of Germany's leading Neo Prog lights at his finest.

£9.85 + P&P




VLY - I / [time]

VLYs diverse sound includes progressive rock, classic rock, folk, early-Floydian psychedelia, pop melodies, post-classical and post-rock with epic guitar riffs and electronic music.. so prepare to be wowed!

£9.95 + P&P




Quantum Fantay - Dancing In Limbo. CD

Ed Wynne (Ozric Tentacles) guitars, synths guests for Belgiums equivalent to Ozric Tentacles - Superior Space Prog!

£9.85 + P&P




Drifting Sun - Trip The Life Fantastic. CD

Popular UK based power prog, highly rated on Prog Archives.

£8.99 + P&P




Riverside - Love, Fear And The Time Machine. CD or 2xCD Mediabook

The Polish Prog heavyweights are back and heading to the top of the prog tree!

Arguably the band's most mature work, the album sees the band return to the melodic and atmospheric Progressive Rock style of its debut Out Of Myself.

£10.65 / £13.65 + P&P




Nemo - Coma. Limited Digipak 2CD edition

Caerllysi favourite French outfit, JP and the band's last offering for some time so make the most folks!

£10.99 + P&P




Echolyn - I Heard You Listening. CD

Echolyn CD's are a major musical event not to be missed, this is no exception - nine stories of life for you to enjoy!

£9.75 + P&P




Big Big Train - Wassail. EPCD

These guys need no introduction - now one of progs leading lights.

£5.75 + P&P




Dave Kerzner - New World. CD

Sound of Contact's award winning solo project with a who's who of Prog!

£10.25 + P&P




Purposeful Porpoise - The Water Games. 2xCD

Concept Prog on the GEP label Los Angeles based. Recorded live in studio this is a fully evolved melodic masterpiece, full of adventure, ambition and classy musicianship.

£9.85 + P&P




Arcane Atlas - Constellation Plus. CD

Debut album from the young band from Tennessee USA, championed by Musea records, Influenced by Rush, Pink Floyd, Yes and King Crimson - Check these guys out!

£9.45 + P&P




Yak - Quest For The Stones. CD

Big Caerllysi favourite - Follow-up to the magnificent "Journey Of" and it's even better!

£8.99 + P&P




Tiger Moth Tales - Story Tellers - Part One. CD

Pete Jones is back folks! his imagination is at full throttle with seven classic children's stories given a prog twist like only he can. Highly Recommended !

£9.00 + P&P (Release date 30th June 2015)




Inside The Sound -  Time Z. CD

AKP guitarist, Sunchild, Karfagen and Hoggwash, young award winning axeman plays superbly in the style of Steve Vai and John Petrucci.

£8.00 + P&P




Gentle Knife. CD

10 piece band with male and female vocalists, guitars, synths, mellotron, woodwinds and everything else - a prog-fest from Norway!

£8.00 + P&P




Barock Project - Skyline. CD

The Italians fourth album, symphonic, dramatic, theatrical progressive metal and acoustic - you name it this albums has it in abundance!

£9.99 + P&P




Khatsaturjan - Beast, Machine & Man. CD

The popular Finns are back with their third album as ever the influence of UK 70s prog is very evident. Enjoy!

£9.99 + P&P




The Black Codex - Episodes 40-52. 2xCD

The final part of one of the biggest and best concept series around.

£9.00 + P&P




IOEarth - New World. 2xCD

Over two hours of top symphonic prog centring on the themes of discovery, the challenge of adversity and the moving on to better times.

£11.25 + P&P




Mostly Autumn - Box of Tears. Live CD

Mostly Autumn treat us to an exiting and absorbing live version of their album "Dressed in Voices".

£10.25 + P&P




Magic Pie - King For A Day. CD

The Norwegians are very much a premier outfit now - one of 2015's major releases.

£10.79 + P&P




Ichthyander Dad's Only Dolphin at One music fest 2014. CD+DVD

Championed by our own Anthony Kalugin, hailing from Kiev these guys are masters of their trade, check them out on YouTube.

£9.00 + P&P




Ghost Rhythms - Madeleine. 2xCD

Double album of prog avant-jazz which pays homage to the wonderful Vertigo movie, rich instrumental compositions composed and arranged by Camille Petit and Xavier Gélard.

£10.75 + P&P




Apogee - The Art Of Mind. CD

Side project of Versus X, highly emotional, complex and adventurous journey through the history of prog rock.

£9.69 + P&P




Arena - The Unquiet Sky. CD

Messrs Nolan, Mitchell and Pointer back to their Prog Rocking Best!

£10.65 + P&P




Izz - Everlasting Instant. CD

The final installment of a three-part series of albums that began with The Darkened Room in 2009

£9.75 + P&P




Blue Shift - Levels Of Undo. CD

Long awaited return of the high energy intricate USA Progsters - A feast for retro 1970's fans of the genre.

£9.99 + P&P




Glass Hammer - The Breaking Of The World. CD

Steve, Fred, and Guests (including Carl Groves) at their progressive very best - MASTERPIECE !

£9.75 + P&P




Anekdoten - Until All The Ghosts Are Gone. CD

The Kings of Dark Atmos, complexly structured and symphonic penetrating melodies and evocative mellotron soundscapes.

£10.25 + P&P




New Musea / Mals label digi sleeve classic reissues :-

Two of the most inspirational prog labels come together to pay homage to these classics.

Deyss - At-King. CD

Step Ahead. CD 

Tale Cue - Voices Beyond My Curtain. CD

£9.99 each + P&P




Karfagen - Magicians Theater. CD

Anthony Kaugin Project's new “Symphorock Adventure“ heralds another instrumental masterpiece from the musical King of the East...

£8.00 + P&P




Argos - A Seasonal Affair. CD

German act that explores a musical landscape heavily influenced by vintage symphonic prog and leaning towards folk, jazz and pop.

£9.89 + P&P





Steve Hackett - Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth 2xCD

Hackett's amazing new album, carved from the rocks of personal and professional upheaval, stands as a testimony to the prevailing spirit of great musicians. Positive, reflective, vast and intimate, Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth is a universe of sound and emotion; from the trickling, music-box verse of opener Fire On The Moon to the thundering ensemble drumming of the finale, Last Train To Istanbul. This Special Book Edition has an extra disc with live recordings and a extra studio track.

£11.35 + P&P




WolfSpring. CD

New Band featuring Jean-Pierre Louveton of Nemo, this is an excellent modern Progressive Rock album with a style influenced by the likes of Led Zeppelin, Muse, Porcupine Tree and Pink Floyd whilst retaining their own expressive style (with a little help from Will of Caerllysi Music). 

£7.00 + P&P




Supernal Endgame - Touch the Sky. CD

Melodic Symphonic Progressive Rock, Band members are John Eargle, Rob Price, Dan Pomeroy with Special Guests ROINE STOLT of Flower Kings and RANDY GEORGE of Ajalon/Morse.

£8.95 + P&P




Argos - Circles. CD

The three-piece Argos takes its cues from (amongst others) Genesis, Camel, Caravan, The Flower Kings and Bo Hansson, the opening suite of songs has a very Swedish sound. The upbeat, positive atmospheres of The Flower Kings come directly to mind, but the music stays mainly on the wistful and delicate side of things.

£9.50 + P&P




Solstice - Spirit. CD+DVD

Their first album in thirteen years, With the exception of Freedom and Spirit the music has all been written since August 2007.

The DVD is of their 2009 Pitz Club live performance

£10.95 + P&P




Manning - 10th Anniversary Editions

Tall Stories For Small Children - Remastered with a Bonus Track.

The Cure - Remastered with a Bonus Track.

One Small Step... - Remastered with a Bonus Track.

Songs From The Bilston House - Includes a Bonus Track.

£7.95 each + P&P




Osiris - Tales of the Divers. CD

Recorded Live at The Gulf Hotel 1985 with post production editing in 2009 

£9.50 + P&P




Khatsaturjan - Disconcerto Grosso. CD

Big instrumentation and vocal harmonies, with new ways of musical expression and new surprises. Major works and shorter, lighter pieces go hand in hand on the album as do the various genres.

£9.50 + P&P




Sky Architect - Excavations of the mind. CD

Best be described as a symphonic, complex, dynamic, versatile and ambitious concept-album. Thriving to revive and reinvent the progressive style and sound of the 70’s, the album hopes to reclaim a place for symphonic rock-music in the 21st century.

£9.25 + P&P




Steven Wilson - nsrgnts rmxs. CD

Insurgentes Remixed by Various Artists.

£6.25 + P&P




Phideaux - Number Seven. CD

Superb melodic progressive rock intermingled with chamber jazz and classic rock.

£9.25 + P&P




Mars Hollow. CD 

Possibly the best debut album of 2010?

Classic mix of heavy prog and melodic rock.

£8.75 + P&P




Syzygy - Realms Of Eternity. CD

Powerfull melodic progressive rock, sounds like ELP, Gentle Giant, Spocks Beard, in the 90s the band was called Witsend.

£9.10 + P&P




Dante - Saturnine. CD

Complex, heavy, lyrical Progressive Rock, influenced by many classic and modern progressive bands, Dante is about heavy riffing and intimate moments, epic songstructures and lyrical elements, spheric sounds and complex arrangements.

£9.15 + P&P




PBII - Plastic Soup. CD

With a sound that is modern, fresh and rocky but still with some great symphonic influences of the past, you could place it somewhere between Spocks Beard, Porcupine Tree, Frost*, Marilion, Linkin Park and Genesis.

£9.15 + P&P




The Watch - Planet Earth. CD

New highly acclaimed release by The Watch, well known for their musical style which is inspired by classic Progressive Rock of the 70's and in particular by the music of Genesis.

£10.25 + P&P




 £8.25 + P&P

Two Project releases on the Excellent 10T Label


Elf Project - Mirage. CD

Progressive / Pop Rock

The Plainfield Project.CD

Rock / Funk / Reggae

£9.35 + P&P





Epic Prog!

"In the music of Morphelia the sounds of bands of the 70's combine with new and modern elements".
"Dream images are woven into the atmospheric soundscapes and take the listener on a journey".

Morphelia - Waken The Nightmare. 2xCD

£11.50 + P&P

Morphelia - Prognocircus. CD

£9.00 + P&P





Roger Powell - Blue Note Ridge. CD

“...a collection of improvisations that embrace classical melody, contemporary harmony and impressionist forms. A stream of consciousness merging of styles and eras, Blue Note Ridge is pure, elegant and honest.”

£9.50 + P&P




Hamadryad - Intrusion. CD

A Blend of progressive and classic rock, with a touch of cinematic vision, a musical adventure. (In classical mythology, the Hamadryad was a wood nymph fabled to live and die with a tree to which she was attached. Her mission was to be the link between the mortal and immortal entities.)

£9.50 + P&P