Resistor - Rise. CD

Superb modern style prog from Steve Unruh's band with traces of the glorious 70's in fact it stops half way to turn the vinyl disc over!

£9.45 + P&P

Dynamo Bliss - 21st Century Junk. CD

Vocal orientated songs, shades of The Beatles, 10CC and Pink Floyd, nice catchy songs but with a definite Progressive feel.

£9.95 + P&P

Inside Again - End Of The Beginning. CD

Atmospheric Prog Metal from the Polish band.

£9.99 + P&P

The Pineapple Thief - Show A Little Love. EP

8 track mini-album featuring 4 new tracks along with alternate
versions of tracks from the critically acclaimed album Someone Here is Missing.

£7.85 + P&P

Big Big Train - Far Skies Deep Time. EP

41 minute EP containing 5 new songs of high quality music that we have come to expect from these accomplished musicians. A superb follow up to The Underfall Yard.

£6.75 + P&P

The Reasoning – Acoustically Speaking. CD

Acoustic reworkings of tracks selected from all three studio albums.

£8.99 + P&P

The Reasoning - Highway To High Voltage. DVD

Full footage from the festival, along with interviews and many extras

£10.95 + P&P

Brother Ape - A Rare Moment Of Insight. CD

Even more Progressive than before, longer tracks with complex twists and turns, melodic Prog with a slightly hard edge.

£9.79 + P&P

Akashic - Timeless Realm. CD

High quality Progressive Metal with meaningful lyrics and musical elements of classical, rock and progressive.

£9.45 + P&P

Pravda - Monophobic. CD

An instrumental CD on the heavy side with haunting melodic themes, a mix of Progressive Rock, Ambient and Experimental.

£9.95 + P&P

Haken - Aquarius. CD

Progressive Rock / Metal from London. Perhaps influenced by the likes of Dream Theatre and Riverside with a bit of Kansas.

£9.95 + P&P

Aquaria - Shambala. CD

Heavy Metal, for those who like their Rock on the heavy side!

"It comes the energy which flows from its winds, rivers and seas, its people and their hopes, the fountains of pure crystal water urging from the land, ready for a new cycle".

£9.45 + P&P

Mostly Autumn - Go Well Diamond Heart. CD

First album since Olivia has taken over a lead singer from Heather and is doing a superb job with Josh on vocals.

The album is less folky than previous and perhaps a little more rocky.

£10.25 + P&P

Life Line Project - Distorted Memories. CD

Mostly instrumental Symphonic Prog from Holland with all instruments played by multi-talented Erik de Beer with guest musicians.

£9.75 + P&P

Verbal Delirium - So Close & Yet So Far Away. CD

Melodic vocal lead (excellently sung in English) Progressive Rock from Greece, combining powerful and sometimes heavy guitars, stunning vocals, strong melodies, and symphonic keyboards, a professionally written and produced début album.

£9.50 + P&P

Salem Hill - Pennies in the Karma Jar. CD

Well produced high quality melodic Progressive Rock with some very catchy sing along tracks and smooth jazz instrumental breaks.

£9.50 + P&P

Vonassi - The Battle of Ego. CD

Melodic Progressive Metal from the suburbs of Chicago, a distinctive work demonstrating their immense talent and creativity for progressive rock with a modern alt rock feel.

£9.45 + P&P

Kalevala - A Finnish Progressive Rock Epic (Definitive Edition Remastered). 3xCD

Famous among Progressive rock fans worldwide for being probably the classiest publication in this style, the Finnish magazine Colossus had the great idea to ask thirty bands to illustrate the national Finnish epic: "Kalevala".

£28.50 + P&P*

*Pre-Order payment basis, and delivery would be within 21 days of payment.

Dante's Divine Comedy - Part 3 - Paradiso. 4xCD

The Epic Dante's Divine Comedy boxsets have become the most talked about Musea projects for many years,

£28.50 + P&P*

*Pre-Order payment basis, and delivery would be within 21 days of payment.

Flash Range - On The Way. EP

Feturing the superb vocals of John Mitchell (vocals/guitars) with John Jowitt (bass), Andy Edwards (drums) and Andrey Dudkin (keyboards) with Alexey Dudkin (guitars)

£7.45 + P&P