Strong elements of Gabriel and Pink Floyd, supremely classy tracks with awesome pulsating bass and drum cranked up by art metal guitar....

Sunchild – Isolation. CD

Official release date 11th June 2012

£8.00 + P&P

Sunchild – The Gnomon 2xCD

£9.00 + P&P

Re-release - with 3 bonus tracks - over 20 minutes of extra music - 12 page booklet - new artwork - high quality digi format

Steve Thorne - Crimes & Reasons. CD

With guest musicians Tony Levin (bass), Nick D'Virgilio (drums), Martin Orford (flute), Gary Chandler (guitar), Bob White (drums). Steve takes on all the keyboards and plays bass on several of the ten tracks, and some acoustic and electric guitars.

£10.25 + P&P

Steve Hogarth & Richard Barbieri - Not The Weapon But The Hand. CD
Hogarth of Marillion and Barbieri of Porcupine Tree join forces to bring us an album that consists of music which is at times is "moving, complex, multi-layered (both instrumentally and vocally) spooky and goofy". A must have for fans of eclectic prog!

£10.45 + P&P

Gavin Harrison & 05Ric - The Man Who Sold Himself. CD+DVD-A

The third album from the collaboration between Porcupine Tree drummer Gavin Harrison and 05Ric, the multi-instrumentalist, singer and extended range bass player.

£10.45 + P&P

Eter-K - Watching The Universe. CD

Peruvian psychdelic instrumental Progressive jazz-rock.

£10.45 + P&P

Dimension Act - Manifestation Of Progress. CD

Norways answer to Dream Theater, melodic progressive metal at its best.

£9.55 + P&P

The Reasoning - And Another Thing. EPCD

Limited Edition Four Track EP, a cracker from Matt, Rachel and the guys, Not To Be Missed.

£5.49 + P&P

Centric Jones - The Antikythera Method. CD

Rythmically and Melodically Complex Prog from Chris Fournier and Tobe London of the United States.

£9.55 + P&P

Mandalaband - IV AD Sangreal. CD

David Rohl and friends back with another exceptional concept album the legend of the Holy Grail or Sangreal, a Progressive Must!

£9.25 + P&P

Cross - Wake Up Call. CD

With the new album the acclaimed Swedish progressive rock band delivers their most symphonic sounding work to date, the guys are partly back to the somewhat heavier sound found on Secrets and Playgrounds with dashes of the softer approach on The Thrill of nothingness.

£9.45 + P&P

Magicfolk - Tales of Power. CD

Centred around beautiful vocals of Michelle Glovern Mythical rather than traditional folk prog. Mostly Autumn, Iona, Sostice, Clannad, Wonderful Stuff!

£9.25 + P&P

Peter Matuchniak - Uncover Me. CD

The Evolve IV Guitar, Keyboards player shows his wide progressive experience with his solo album which has flavours of Jazz, Folk and Rock.

£9.55 + P&P

Sunchild - As Far As The Eye Can See. CD

£8.00 + P&P


Von Hertzen Brothers - Stars Aligned. CD

Psychedelic rock album married with sing along pop choruses. The Von Hertzen Brothers are pushing their boundaries to make their musical journey interesting and fulfilling, euphoric and adventurous, spiritual and heartbreaking.

£9.25 + P&P

Locanda delle Fate - He Missing Fireflies...CD

This CD is in two parts. Part 1 contains 4 songs recorded in the studio in 2012 and Part 2 contains 3 old live recordings from 1977

£9.95 + P&P

Amarok - Gouevia 2005. CD

New Musea issue, March 2012, influences : Camel, King Krimson, ELP.

£10.45 + P&P

Blue Mammoth. CD

This their debut album is sure to please both progressive and hard rock fans, for the beautiful combination of old school guitars and symphonic keyboards and orchestral arrangements.

£9.75 + P&P

Delusion Squared II. CD

Follow-Up to their 2010 Album, Slick Classy Female Fronted French Prog Outfit Mixing Magenta with Metal.

£9.25 + P&P

Alias Eye - In-Between. CD

Features nine original songs, and the focus is on strong melodies and opulent arrangements - kind of like "Field of Names" with a heavier edge!

£9.55 + P&P

TEE (The Earth Explorer) - Trans Europe Expression. CD

Second album rom the five piece flute-front progressive rock band from Tokyo

£9.95 + P&P

FIREWORKS Magazine - Issue 54

One of the most packed issues ever produced, with 96 glossy full colour pages straining to hold in 37 interviews, including Threshold, Neal Morse, Kompendium (Rob Reed), Beardfish, Kaipa, IOEarth, Airs (Andrade & Brockmann).

£4.99 + P&P (Sold separately to other items on this site)

Back Issues are available here....

Unitopia - One night in Europe. 2xCD

£12.99 + P&P each

Unitopia - One night in Europe. DVD

£14.99 + P&P each

Eye 2 Eye - The Wish. CD

Concept album inspired by Oscar Wilde's "Picture Of Dorian Gray". Neo Progressive and Floydian influences from the early days, ll songs are strung together to form a single musical entity of more than 69 minutes.

£9.85 + P&P

Discipline - Unfolded Like Staircase. Digi-CD

Digi Re-issue of the groundbreaking album

£9.99 + P&P

The Future Kings Of England - Who Is This Who Is Coming?. CD

Atmospheric UK Prog with a theme based on the fantastically creepy short story 'Oh, Whistle and I'll Come to You my Lad' by M R James.

£8.99 + P&P

The Black Noodle Project - Dark & Early Smiles. 2xCD

A double CD containing 25 unreleased and newly mastered demos of The Black Noodle Project

£11.25 + P&P

Flor de Loto - Imperio De Cristal. CD

Superb Powerful French Prog

£9.95 + P&P

Glass Hammer - Cor Cordium. CD

One of the USA's finest exponents of traditional progressive rock.

£9.25 + P&P

Brighteye Brison - The Magician Chronicles Part 1. CD

Highly recommended Progressive Rock, from Yes to Spock's Beard - Swedish Excellence.

£9.85 + P&P

White Willow - Terminal Twilight. CD

The Norwegian prog rockers have returned with the band's sixth album, acoustic guitars and pastoral sections and a somewhat gothic, mysterious atmosphere. Featuring Tim Bowness.

£9.85 + P&P

25 Yard Screamer - Until All Are One. CD

Another Excellent Welsh Progressive Rock Band, a mix of Marillion with Rush and Metalica.

£8.95 + P&P

Sandrose. CD

Very original French group (English Lyrics), that became a legend for its unique 1972 eponymous album.

£9.85 + P&P

Landscape - Outside Of Nowhere. CD

Progressive Metal from Warsaw, Poland.

9.25 + P&P

Seven Steps To The Green Door - The?Book. CD

Their most ambitious album to date, the lyrics and music blend into one because its author (Thoralf Koss) wrote the story specifically for this album, the album as an extensive media book, presenting the entire story.

£10.85 + P&P

Magenta - Chameleon. CD

Another superb offering of fresh, distinctive, contemporary and traditional Progressive Rock influenced by early YES.

£9.25 + P&P

The Reasoning - Bottle Of Gettysburg. CD

Matthew, Rachel and the guys much celebrated RosFest concert, Power Melody and Energy, live music at its very best.

£9.95 + P&P

Dec Burke - Paradigms & Storylines. CD

Paradigms & Storylines follow’s up on his highly rated 2010 album Destroy All Monsters.

£9.25 + P&P

Also Eden - Think Of The Children! CD

"Mainly lyrically driven by the Benjamin Franklin quote, 'Those who would trade essential liberty for a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety' - some might even call it a concept album!"

£9.85 + P&P

The Anabasis - Back From Being Gone. CD

Conceived by USA multi instrumentalist and composer, Barry Thompson featuring Ryo Okumoto (Spock’s Beard), Lee Abraham (Lee Abraham Band), Brick Williams (Hourglas) and other top players.

£8.99 + P&P

Discipline - To Shatter All Accord. CD

Groundbreaking prog from the band that produced the superb "Unfolded Like Staircase", awesome music with stunningly distinctive vocals by Matthew Parmenter.

£10.95 + P&P

Agents Of Mercy - The Black Forest. CD

Featuring and Produced by Roine Stolt on guitars and vocals (The Flower Kings) with vocals by Nad Sylvan.

£11.95 + P&P

Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn Of Events. CD+DVD Deluxe Edition

The Kings of Power Prog are back bigger than ever!

£10.95 + P&P

Salva - Thirst. CD

Per Malmberg & Co are back with a Majestic mix of prog, metal, folk and heavy rock on Rob and Will's new label WhiteKnight Records.

£9.00 + P&P

FreddeGredde - Thirteen Eight. CD

Unique Début Album on Whiteknight Records, a mix of influences ranging from Dream Theater / Frost* to Muse / Queen.

£9.00 + P&P

Ciccada - A child in the mirror. CD

The music of Ciccada is influenced by Gentle Giant, Gryphon, Forest, Spirogyra, Jethro Tull, Flairck, Strawbs, Alan Stivell, Renaissance, King Crimson, Celtic & Balkan Folk music, West European musical legacy from Middle-ages to 20th century and Jazz.

£9.00 + P&P

Transatlantic - More Never Is Enough. 3xCD 2xDVD

5 Disc live extravaganza from the Prog Supergoup, more than 6 hours of live performances plus additional fun footage

£27.99 + P&P (While Supplies Last)

Yuka & Chronoship - Water Reincarnation. CD

Japan, a country consisting of four main islands surrounded by the sea, have long benefited, but at times been greatly suffered, from the natural cycle of water from the ancient times.
Water Reincarnation, the debut album of Yuka & Chronoship, depicts such an ever- recurring cycle of water.

£9.85 + P&P

Knight Area - Nine Paths. CD

Powerfull Symphonic Neo-Prog, complicated, yet accessible and melodious..

£9.89 + P&P

District 97 - Hybrid Child. CD

Inspired metal, the epic majesty of Yes, and the melodicism of the Beatles.

£9.89 + P&P

Alan Reed - Dancing With Ghosts. EPCD

Solo EP from the Ex Pallas/Abel Ganz vocalist, a collection of acoustic versions of songs old and new.

£4.75 + P&P

Manning - Margaret's Children. CD

Sequel to the acclaimed "Anser's Tree" (2006) and we can now discover more of the life stories from the ANSER family tree.

£9.85 + P&P

Sanhedrin - Ever After. CD

Début instrumental album from the Camel cover band, influences include Genesis, Gentle Giant, Asia Minor, Anglagard, King Crimson.

£9.55 + P&P

Mostly Autumn - Still Beautiful - Live 2011. 2xCD

Recorded early on the 2011 tour, this double album captures the band at their live best.

£12.45 + P&P

Lalo Huber (Nexus) - Lost In Kali Yuga. CD

Solo album from thee Nexus keyboard player / vocalist.

£7.99 + P&P

IZZ - Live. DVD

Chapter 1 - IZZ Live at Nearfest 2007 : Chapter 2 - IZZ Live at ProgWest, 2002 : Chapter 3 - IZZ Live Webcast, 2003 : Chapter 4 - Bonus - In-Studio Recording Sessions. Total Running Time = 182 minutes

£14.95 + P&P

Life Line Project - The Journey. 2xCD

Highly recommended by Will (CM), Dutch musician who, like Antony Kalugin, creates projects with local musicians.

£9.99 + P&P

The Tangent - COMM. Ltd Edition CD

The Tangent's new album COMM CD. Limited special edition 3 panel digipack sleeve with two bonus tracks

£13.49 + P&P

The Flower Kings - Tour Kaputt. 2xCD or DVD

Recorded at De Boerderij in Holland 2007

£11.99 + P&P each

Michael Schenker - Temple Of Rock. CD

With extra signed booklet - limited supply only !

Featuring guest artists: Schenker Brothers, William Shatner (Captain Kirk from Star Trek), Leslie West - Mountain, Michael Amott – Arch Enemy, Doogie White – (ex Ritchie Blackmore, ex Yngwie Malmsteen) and many more.. £10.45 + P&P

Opeth - Heritage. Collectors Edition CD+DVD

The CD with a DVD featuring Heritage 5.1 Surround Mix with 2 Bonus Tracks and The Making Of Heritage : A Documentary

£10.99 + P&P

Steven Wilson - Grace For Drowning. 2xCD

UK Edition - The new solo double album from writer, producer & Porcupine Tree founder member Steven Wilson. Package includes 28 page booklet with handwritten lyrics

£10.25 + P&P

Frequency Drift - Ghosts. CD

Their cinematic approach to music is enhanced by the increased use of guitar, there is now an even larger variety of stylistic influences such as jazz or even heavy metal

£9.55 + P&P

Soniq Circus - Reflections in the Hourglass. CD

Soniq Circus is a band from Sweden playing progressive rock with a touch of modern metal and symphonic rock from the 70's.

£9.85 + P&P

Xanadu - The Last Sunrise. CD

Melancholc prog from Poland similar to Riverside (founded by Mariusz Duda went on to form Riverside)

£9.55 + P&P

Comedy Of Errors - Disobey. CD

From in and around the Glasgow area, Scotland, Comedy Of Errors perform a great mix of symphonic and neo prog similar to Arena, Pendragon and IQ.
£9.75 + P&P

Cosmograph - When Age Has Done Its Duty. CD

Featuring Bob Dalton (It Bites), Steve Thorne, Lee Abraham (Lee Abraham Band), Simon Rogers, Steve Dunn (Also Eden), Dave Ware, and Luke Machin (The Tangent)

£9.85 + P&P

Karmakanic - In A Perfect World. CD Special Edition

Featuring members of The Flower Kings, includes additional track and 22min video (to be played on a computer)

£11.45 + P&P

Eternal Wanderers - So Far And So Near. CD

"Sometimes dreams, visions, imagined distant worlds, stars and galaxies seem to be closer than the surrounding reality..."

£8.85 + P&P

Subliminal - Limbo Experiment. CD

Featuring (from Nexus) Lalo Huber - keyboards, Luis Nakamura - drums & Lito Marcello - vocals

£9.25 + P&P

Little Tragedies - Obsessed. CD

Classically inspired progressive rock

£9.99 + P&P

Everwood - Without Saving. CD

Melodic Progressive Metal from Hungary

£7.99 + P&P

Stevegane Project - When The Time is A Present. CD

Mesmerizing instrumentals from the French guitarist and composer inspired by Pink Floyd, Yes, Rush, and Rainbow

£9.85 + P&P

Lenin - Río Hecho Cacería. CD

South American underground psychedelic prog rock

£9.25 + P&P

Flaming Row - Elinoire. CD

Prog metal international rock opera in the vein of Ayreon, players include, Gary Wehrkamp, Brendt Allman (Shadow Gallery), and Billy Sherwood (Yes).

£8.75 + P&P

The Samurai of Prog - Undercover. CD

A fresh take on some famous Prog Songs.

£9.85 + P&P

Astralia - Osmosis. CD

Psychedelic / Progressive Rock from Italy

£9.25 + P&P

Nosound - The Northern Religion Of Things. CD

Recorded live, produced and remastered by Giancarlo Erra at Nosound studio, Norwich (UK), 2010-2011

£9.99 + P&P

Andy Sears (Twelfth Night) - Souvenir. CD

A collection of demos, works in progress and rearrangements from the Twelfth Night vocalist with Bonus Video : First New Day, Satellite, Interviews (Rare TN Footage)

£9.85 + P&P

Solstice - Kindred Spirits. DVD+CD

DVD of the live performance of Spirit and from Loreley Festival, CD is live tunes from 2007/8 of older material.

£10.99 + P&P

US - The Road Less Travelled. CD

£9.25 + P&P

Ego - Evoluzione Delle Forme. CD

From Italy, instrumental Prog / Jazz

£9.25 + P&P

Breathing Space - Below The Radar - Live. 2xCD

Breathing Space - Below The Radar - Live. DVD

Complete performance from the final gig to feature Iain, Olivia, Paul, Ben, Barry and Bryan, recorded at the Robin 2.

£10.95 + P&P each

Lebowski - Cinematic. CD

Outstanding Polish Instrumental (with some vocalizations) Prog.

£8.99 + P&P

Sweet Fingers. CD

Alternative Progressive Rock from Mexico

£8.75 + P&P

Conqueror - Madame Zelle. CD

...the life, the story, the legend of Margaretha Geertruida Zelle … (Mata Hari) 1876-1917.

£9.25 + P&P

Nicklas Barker - El Ultimo Fin De Semana. CD

Haunting soundtrack by the Anekdoten multi-talented musician

£9.65 + P&P

Millenium - Three Brothers Epilogue. EP-CD

£7.49 + P&P

Riverside - Memories In My Head. EP/CD

10th Anniversary mini album.

£8.75 + P&P

Le Orme - La Via Della Seta. CD

Limited Supply

£9.95 + P&P

Moongarden - The gates of Omega. Remastered CD

The 2001 album re-release remastered and restored.

£9.45 + P&P

K2 - Black Garden. CD

£9.85 + P&P

Edensong - Echoes Of Edensong. CD

£9.95 + P&P

The Pineapple Thief - 10 Stories Down. 2xCD Remixed & Remastered

The originally deleted 2005 Cyclops release, but remixed, re-mastered and re-packaged and available once again on Kscope.

£10.95 + P&P

Sunchild - The Wrap. CD

£8.00 + P&P

Habitat - Tratando De Respirar En La Furia. CD

Argentinian prog like Le Orme, Mangala Vallis & H20

£9.25 + P&P

The Winter Tree (formerly Magus). CD

Fist album from the newly named The Winter Tree (previously called Magus), the album offers many styles rock, folk, electronic, ambient and world music etc. £9.55 + P&P

Gungfly - Lamentations. CD+DVD

Solo project of Beardfish vocalist/keyboardist, dealing with misfortunes in life, a lost childhood, lost opportunities or a lost love or even the death of loved ones. The DVD is of a concert from 2009. £12.25 + P&P

Farpoint - Kindred. CD

From South Carolina, USA, this, their 5th album is a melodic blend of progressive folk and blues.

£9.00 + P&P

Fromuz - Quartus Artifactus. 2xCD & 1xDVD

Newly recorded collection of songs from all three of the band’s previous releases re-arranged and played in a prog-chamber format. Recorded at Iosis Studio and Filmed & Recorded at Ilkhom theater. £10.99 + P&P

Mogador - All I Am Is Of My Own Making. CD

Unusual concept album documenting the true story of being trapped in a lift for a whole weekend!. £9.49 + P&P

Dropshard - Anywhere But Home. CD

From Italy, high quality Progressive Metal like Dream Theater. Pain of Salvation and Riverside.

£9.45 + P&P

John Sloman - Reclamation. CD

Known for his work with rock legends: Uriah Heep, Gary Moore, Lone Star and Pulsar this is his superb 2009 solo release, acoustic excellence!

£8.00 + P&P

High Spy DVDs

(featuring Mark Price of Final Conflict & Grace)

High Spy - Only Human. DVD

High Spy - Head For The Moon. 2xDVD

£10.99 each + P&P Buy Both for £22.99 + 1xP&P

Akin - The way things end. CD

Progressive Rock/Metal from France, 15 track adventure, mixing prog, metal, pop + a bit of jazz. female vocals + A string quartet ! £9.85 + P&P

Mars Hollow - World In Front Of Me. CD

This the second album from the United States band, a mix of symphonic prog and classic rock, Yes, Kansas and Spock's Beard influences can be heard. £9.00 + P&P

TCP - Fantastic Dreamer. CD

Superbly crafted Prog with plenty of twist and turns, TCP give bands like Pendragon, IQ etc' some serious competition.

£9.00 + P&P

Peter Gee (Pendragon) - East of Eden. CD

Solo album from the Pendragon bass guitarist, he is joined by Steve Christey (Jadis), Steve Thorne (Jadis), Damian Wilson (Threshold) and others. The songs on East Of Eden are quite diverse in subject matter, but the over riding theme of this album is the world in which we live and the contrast between good and evil, the beauty and the brokenness. £9.99 + P&P

Marillion - Somewhere Else. CD Deluxe Edition

Madfish edition is packaged in a deluxe 36 page digi-book, re-worked by original designer Carl Glover, and features several previously unseen pictures. £9.85 + P&P

Marillion - Marbles. 2xCD Deluxe Edition

Madfish edition of Marbles is packed in a deluxe 36 page Hardback digibook re-worked by original designer Carl Glover. The book features unseen pictures not used in the original artwork. £9.85 + P&P

Mangrove - Live Beyond Reality. DVD

Recordings that were made during the CD release party of the critically acclaimed album ‘Beyond Reality’ that was held at Gigant, Apeldoorn (NL) in 2009.

£10.95 + P&P

The Healing Road - Backdrop. CD

Acoustic, rural, pastoral atmospheric music, the album contains two tracks each between 20 and 25 minutes long and would appeal to fans of Mike Oldfield / Anthony Phillips and anyone looking for melodic prog. £9.85 + P&P

Big Big Train - Goodbye to the Age of Steam. CD

Re-Issue of their first album, originally released in 1994.

Re-mixed from the original master-tapes, the re-issue includes new artwork and a 12-page booklet with lyrics and sleeve-notes. £8.85 + P&P

A Flower Full Of Stars - A Tribute To The Flower Kings. 4xCD

Tribute to The Flower Kings featuring bands from across the globe! £28.50* + P&P *Pre-Order payment basis, and delivery would be within 21 days of payment.

Wobbler - Rites At Dawn. CD

Third album from the Symphonic Prog band from Norway, a superb mix of styles you can hear the influences of classic prog bands like Yes, King Crimson, Gentle Giant etc.

£9.79 + P&P

Odin's Court - Human Life In Motion. CD

Progressive metal from Maryland, USA.

£9.85 + P&P

Greylevel - Hypostatic Union. CD

Psychedelic Progressive Rock album centred around themes of loss and alienation and the search for meaning in the transcendent. £9.85 + P&P

Phideaux - Snowtorch. CD

Another Prog masterpiece from Phideaux Xavier!

£9.99 + P&P

Fish On Friday - Shoot The Moon. CD

Melodic Prog/Pop (like Pink Floyd / Alan Parsons)

£9.85 + P&P

AltaVia - Girt Dog. CD

Superior Classic Progressive Rock, shades of IQ and It Bites.

£9.00 + P&P

Nemo - Revolusion. CD

New album from the French prog master Jean Pierre Louveton and his band.

£10.49 + P&P

C-Sides - Divitrification. CD

Formed in 2007 by Magenta band members Martin Rosser, Allan Mason-Jones and Dan Fry, taking a modern rock element that captures elements of the modern heavy bands of the moment and weaving it with the classic early 1970's Rush sounds. £9.00 + P&P

Silhouette - Moods. CD

From The Netherlands, this is the second album from the Neo-Prog band, likened to Pendragon, Fish era Marillion and Pallas.

9.85 + P&P

Tsuki-Usagi. CD

Japanese operatic progressive rock

£9.85 + P&P