London Underground - Honey Drops. CD

Keyboard lead instrumental music with a 60/70s feel which include classic songs such as Midnight Cowboy and Norwegian Wood.

£9.50 + P&P




Glass - Spectrum Principle. CD

Created mostly by Jerry Cook a moody album with intriguing time signatures and vintage instrumentation creating jazzy soundscapes.

£9.50 + P&P




Anima Mundi - The Way. CD

From Cuba, melodic and to a great extent influenced by classical symphonic music with a style which appears to be influenced by YES and with some very nice vocals.

£9.50 + P&P




Steven Wilson - Insurgentes,The Movie. 2xDVD

Musical road movie that follows the making of Insurgentes and is a portrait of one of today's most important musicians.

The film also features footage of Wilson with other artists and friends including Mikael Akerfeldt from Opeth, Aviv Geffen and producer Trevor Horn.

With extras : Bass Communion and Pig live in Mexico City, promo video for Harmony Korine, 2 x trailers, alternate ending, Q+A session with Steven Wilson and Lasse Hoile and 6 audio out-takes from the albums recording sessions.

£11.45 + P&P




Chris - Making Sense. CD

Making Sense is a  70 minute conceptual work which tells the story of one's quest for identity, truth and purpose, influences range from IQ and Genesis to The Beatles.

£9.99 + P&P




Mandalaband - I&II Resurrection. 2xCD

2CD digipak including 6 Bonus Tracks and 16pp Booklet

The two legendary 1970s albums ‘Mandalaband’ and ‘The Eye of Wendor’ have been completely re-mixed and digitally re-mastered by David Rohl – the mastermind behind Mandalaband and composer-producer-engineer extraordinaire.

£13.25 + P&P




Anders Helmerson - Triple Ripple. CD

Instrumental Progressive rock, sometimes symphonic, sometimes close to jazz-rock fusion.

£9.50 + P&P




Hoggwash - The Last Horizon. Re-Issued CD

A re-issue of Antony Kaugin / William Mackie's (Caerllysi Music) 2007 release which includes 2 bonus tracks.

Special Price:

£6.00 + P&P




The Lens - Regeneration. CD

Smooth almost trance like Progressive Rock from IQ's / The Lens band members and which harks back to the sounds of the 70s similar to Camel and early IQ.

A must for lovers of melodic Progressive Rock

£10.25 + P&P




Manning - Charlestown. CD

Highly rated release from Guy Manning and his band, Guy again displays his skills as a one of Progressive Rocks top song writers, the 61 minute album starts with a 35 minute opus which is inspired by the voyage of the barquentine sailing ship Waterwitch and ends with a complex 7 minute instrumental called Finale.

£10.25 + P&P




Carptree - Nymf. CD

The latest release, a sequel to Insekt and the next step in the evolution of Carptree.

Dramatic, dark, affective complex neo-prog.

£10.75 + P&P




IQ - The Wake Live. CD+DVD

The CD contains the complete Wake suite which was recorded at the Boerderij, Holland, earlier this year. The DVD features the performance of IQ's classic album as well as the encores ‘Infernal Chorus’, ‘The Darkest Hour’ and ‘Failsafe' along with a Photo gallery featuring a 2010 remix of ‘Corners’

£12.25 + P&P




Lalle Larsson´s Weaveworld - Infinity Of Worlds. CD.

The highly awaited 2nd album from Piano Maestro Lalle Larsson. (Agents of Mercy, Karmakanic) Feat. Jonas Reingold, Richard Hallebeek, Walle Wahlgren, Stefan Rosquist.

£9.50 + P&P




Agents Of Mercy - Dramarama. CD

Featuring Nad Sylvan, Roine StoltMickael WahlgrenJonas Reingold and Lalle Larsson.

In true retro-spirit it was rehearsed and recorded "live" in Varispeed Studios in Sweden, with very few overdubs. 12 songs written by guitarist Roine Stolt & singer Nad Sylvan the concept was "to find the roots of our inspiration and the sounds we love" so there's the obvious late 60's and early 70's feel.

£11.95 + P&P




Gavin Harrison & Ø5Ric - Circles. CD+DVD-A

Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree) and 05Ric's second collaboration, picking up from where "Drop" left off. 10 songs featuring Ric's unusual extended range bass and haunting vocals along with Gavin's mind bending rhythmic designs and unusual expressions on the drums.

£9.45 + P&P




North Atlantic Oscillation - Grappling Hooks. CD

From Scotland, Jazz influenced indie Progressive Rock with smooth harmonizing vocals, heavy electronic beats and heavily amplified electric guitars.

£9.45 + P&P




Engineers - Three Fact Fader. CD

From London, Engineers offer us melodic heavily layered guitars with mesmerising vocals.

£9.45 + P&P




Deventter - Lead... On. CD

Progressive Rock/Metal from the Brazilian band, sounds like Dream Theatre, Pain of Salvation or Pink Floyd in parts.

£8.85 + P&P




Delusion Squared. CD

Impressive début concept album by French Progressive band Delusion Squared.

"Delusion squared is a rock music album telling a story about the extraordinary destiny of a girl like no other."

£8.75 + P&P